Cinnamon Diamonds: “History of the Doughnut”

Cinnamon Diamonds is a short story based on the amazing events of a stormy night in 1847. The Felix Lighter a three-masted schooner survived a hurricane off the east coast of the United States. Reaching port wasn’t its most significant achievement. A young man named Hanson Gregory became a saviour when he was inspired to create the first ever doughnut with a hole. His creation during the hurricane has become a thing of legend. This story couples his one and only interview with The Washington Post as well as repeated and no doubt distorted versions of the truth from his fellow sailors with whom he recited the tale to in his retirement in a Massachusetts sailors’ home.

Cinnamon_Diamonds_CoverThis revised and extended edition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the The Washington Post article on which the story is based. The original newspaper article is included at the end of the story.

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It is short even for a short story, despite this it took longer to research than many of my other pieces. It is currently available from almost all e-book retailers as an epub file. It is also being released in printed form in a collection of short stories called: “A History of Strange Beginnings.” By Kavanagh Press in the United States and Canada.