“Drop the needle.” Best clip ever.

My son is two years old and obsessed with Planes: Fire & Rescue. This is fantastic, as I’m also a big fan. It’s an incredible feeling to spend the weekend with your son. If it’s a rainy day DVD’s become an easy option. His attention span isn’t great but Planes: Fire & Rescue seems to tick all of the boxes.

Below is a clip of what I think is the best animation scene I have seen to date. Realistic backdrops, smoke and water etc. All of the elements that were near impossible to replicate only a few years ago. Throughout this roughly six minute scene the use of perspective is second to none.

Plus check out from 2:10 into the clip. AC/DC drops the needle on “Thunderstruck”. You can’t help but feel pumped after that. Imagine my son in the lounge room jumping to his feet and thrusting his fist into the air. His blankey momentarily forgotten as he cries out THUNDER! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA THUNDER!